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Prison Aid

We work together with reformed prisoners and staff dedicated to supporting others to the best of their ability with their resources.

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Justice Services

Our goal is to provide access to proper formal education and legal training to protect the rights of the prisoner, and safeguard the legal rights of everyone else.

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Improving Prison Conditions

The prisoner is first and foremost, a human being. As such they are entitled to and must receive the best of skill development .

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Human Trafficking

We educate parents and communities on the dangers of child trafficking and child labour. We create awareness on the terrible experiences trafficked children go through to deter parents from selling their children.

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Essential Relief — Bringing hope to many lives & more

Essential Relief International is a non-governmental organization that seeks to serve humanity and deliver humanitarian relief to communities and people in need. We believe we can effect a positive change by building a platform through which we can empower people to be change makers, share innovation and motivate others to do same.

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How you can help us

Just call at +233 559 683 151 or email us : info@essentialrelief.org

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  • 14
  • Mar
ERI Foundation Restores The Hope Of A Poor Neglected Disable.

Watch the video on Youtube The world can never be a better place if we don’t give helping hands to the less privileges & needy […]

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  • Sep
Essential Relief launches it website

Essential Relief launches it website

Life In Prison

We believe cell is not hell. The prisoner is human being and
must be treated with dignity and respect.

Lets Change the world together, join us now as a volunteer