ERI Foundation Restores The Hope Of A Poor Neglected Disable.

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The world can never be a better place if we don’t give helping hands to the less privileges & needy persons in our societies. Primitively it’s said, “what is good for the goose is also good for the ganders”, on the side of Mukayatu is different.

Dear reader, your heart will be in dismay after journeying through the story of poor disable Mukayatu.

Essential Relief International Foundation (ERI), on our quest to bring smiles on the faces of the less privileges & needy persons in our society’s & to make a better world for all, we encountered a poor disable girl (Mukayatu) whose state of livelihood is in a very deplorable and sad condition .

We winked through this episode with the help of a good samaritan (Mrs. Cindy Asamoah) who work as a journalist in an undisclosed radio station at ‘Nkwanta’.

We were told the poor innocent girl (Mukayatu) was abandoned by family & friends over a decade & half due to her ungodly sickness.

Mukayatu who turned 26 this year, but one can hardly recognized her at that age, she looks like a girl at 10. She can barely walk nor crawl, neither can she bath or brush her own teeth & she’s sheltered alone in a small unhygienic home isolated from her family.

Happiness & joy has never come the way of poor disable Mukayatu. She’s always living in pain & sorrow as she’s caged in a small squared room where her own fises & urine has cultivated the fresh natural ventilation seizing her from good oxygen.

One could attest to Mukayatu’s situation as sad, appalling & heartbreaking. She’s living in a plight & can be compared to as an animal living in a den or cage, & her state is very detrimental to her health of which her family & the people of the community shows no concern about.

Essential Relief International Foundation (ERI), took the task of restoring the hope & happiness that has been taken away from her all these years by seeking medical attention & providing much human needed auxiliaries such as, new toiletries, beds, Mattress,fan, under wears, shoes, perfumes, dresses & changing her place of shelter to a well deserving one.

Mukayatu now live a happy life in her home with her nanny who takes care of her at ‘Nkwanta’ & she’s been attending to medical treatment regularly. Thanks to Essential Relief International Foundation, for coming to her aid.

ERI Foundation, is still on the course of changing & transforming lives of the prison inmates. Kindly support us by donating to help change the lives of others. God bless you for donating.